Resilien is a Chicago-based consultancy that helps technical executives build resilient high-performing leaders, teams, and organizations.

Our Services


Solution Discovery

  • A short time-boxed project to collaborate and discover the biggest challenges, risks, and opportunities facing your organization. We deliver a written assessment and recommendations for next steps.

Custom Organization and Team Improvement Projects

  • Have a challenge that cannot be directly addressed with the services described below? We can define custom projects with clear deliverables, benefits, fees, and timeframe to meet your needs.

guidance and advice

Coaching for Executives, Managers, and High-level Individual Contributors

  • Focused on leadership skills, including coaching, communication, inspiration, consistency, authenticity, empathy, and more.

Process Evaluation and Improvement Guidance

  • Focused on the entire SDLC, including team values, practices, processes, and how the team interacts with other stakeholders in the company.

Organization Design Process Facilitation

  • Aligning strategy, capability requirements, structure, processes and lateral capabilities, reward and recognition programs, and people practices.

Change Management Design and Implementation Guidance

  • An effective change management process guides the people side of change: navigating the emotional transition, developing new skills, and successfully delivering the benefits of the change.


Targeted workshops

  • So you think you can manage?

  • Mental models for managers

  • Team culture discovery

  • Cultivating a growth mindset

  • Communication skills for technical leaders

  • Leading and adapting to change

  • Intentional inclusion on technical teams

  • Principles of agile software development

  • Collaborative story mapping for product and engineering

  • Behavioral interview skills

  • Technical interview skills

  • Bar Raiser interview skills

  • Developing the mindset of a great developer

We can also design and deliver custom workshops to address specific learning goals for your organization.

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