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Do you ever wish you had more days in the week to address your people challenges, to improve culture, behaviors, or engagement in your organization? They are often the most important strategic challenges you face, but they are rarely the most urgent. So you set them aside again and again. Unfortunately, even when you delegate the responsibility, your team still doesn’t have the time, knowledge, or skills to achieve meaningful outcomes.

If your company is big enough, your human resources team may be able to deliver very basic organization development guidance. But they won’t know what it’s like to be an engineering manager or product management leader. They won’t understand the software development process or how product management functions. You will rarely, if ever, find human resource professionals who truly understand you, your team, and the context you work in.

As Resilien’s founder and principle consultant, Todd Webb provides that unique perspective, combining technical leadership and management experience with decades of wisdom about human behavior, organizational behavior, and leadership in technical organizations.

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